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WireWand - af Himechanics



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Save Hours of Hard Guess Work & Never Damage the Insulation!

Removing the insulation, and examining wires can be a very hard & time consuming task! It's an out dated method of working!

Trace wires inside bundles, through the harness cover, ...etc

Compared to other tracers, The WireWand is able to trace wires even inside bundles, conduits, behind panels, under carpets, and through the harness cover, etc... It's an All in One!

Not Designed for vehicles Only! Can be used in many ways!

The WireWand is Not only Designed for vehicles! It Can also be used for multiple other wire tracing tasks. Great for DIY people who love to do electricity related jobs as well!

Jessica besvarede kunders hyppige spørgsmål!

●  Will I get my  refund  if anything wrong happens to my order?

The answer is Yes. This instrument is designed to identify and trace wires or cables without damaging the insulation/cover. You can also use it in checking for short circuit and locating open circuits!

●  Is it only for vehicles, or can i use it on other circuits too?

The WireWand will basically do the job on any normal/usual circuit no matter if it's a vehicle circuit or not!

●  How to use this tool?

1. Attach the red alligator clip to the car battery positive post & the black alligator clip to the wire you want to trace. 2. Scan the wire using the wand (Sender) while you listen to the receiver's tone.

●  Do you accept payments with PayPal?

Yes. We accept PayPal as it adds a second layer of protection to buyers on top of our pre-existing buyer protection program.

●  Does it come with a user manual?

Yes. The package comes with an English User Manual that'll guide you throught anything you'de like to do with the WireWand!

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WireWand - af Himechanics